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How about a little video? With stash report at the end.

I know I have really been neglecting my little blog, as of late.  I have been skipping out on the weekly stash reporting, as well.  I was going to have quilting content this weekend, and then I came down with a migraine , that just would not stop, on Friday.  I felt badly all through the weekend, and am still suffering some after effects.  I did manage to make y’all a short little video of me quilting one of the feathers, from the Georgian feather stencil I am using on my 9P & stripe quilt, which is a big stash project.  I love to watch other people’s quilting videos and see how their quilting might differ from mine, or what similarities we have, or just learn from a different approach.  So, I hope you enjoy my little video.  And remember, it’s just the way I happen to be quilting this particular stencil.  It is certainly not the only way.  And cut me a little slack, as I really wasn’t feeling very well when I was filming it.

Quilting Georgian Feather Stencil:

Since the last time I did do a stash report, I have not had any new fabric in, and no new fabric out.  I did, however, manage to finish that row of feathers, and that completed all the quilting on my kingsize 9P & stripe!  Yay!  I do still have to bury some thread tails.  I got tired of that before it was done, and went back to back-tacking…lol.  I will get some pics of it all finished up on here before too much longer, and will answer all the questions of what stencils, how I marked, what rulers, etc.  After I’m feeling better.