Yeah, I’m Still Here

Just not very motivated to do much of anything, lately.  I’ve had a lot going on this summer, and it seems like when I have a weekend, I end up not doing much of anything.  I think I have tried to keep up with so much, for so long now, that it’s just caught up.  I don’t mean that to sound like a whine.  It isn’t.  I think that I just need some time to just be.  And just be still.  And not put any pressure on myself.  I’ve taken the entire summer off from customer work at all, and it has helped.  I also quit taking new customers a few months ago.  I had to, or I was going to become completely overwhelmed.  I love the customers I have, though.  Absolutely love them, and I love their kind and patient attitudes.  Most are so understanding that I try to “burn the candle at both ends”.  My quilting is not my first job…that one would be my role as an adult probation officer.  That can be overwhelming, in and of itself.  It’s a draining type of job.  Don’t take that as a whine, either.  It is just a statement of fact.  I am fortunate to have a job that pays the bills, and provided retirement and health insurance.  The stress is a trade-off.

Here the last three weeks or so, I haven’t even summoned the energy to work on my own quilts.  Where, where, where is my m0tivation? I have lost a lot of my motivation for blogging, lately, also.  I’m sure that eventually it is all going to come back.  It’s just a bit lacking right now.  I notice that many of my blogging “buddies” seem to have slowed down a bit as of late, also.  Maybe it’s just summer.  Who knows?  But I wanted you to know that I am still here, I am fine, and hopefully I will get back into the swing soon.

I do have some storm aftermath pictures.  About a week ago, I slept completely through the storm that blew through, and did this:


Not sure how I slept through it.  That is so not like me.  I’m a really light sleeper.

Here are my own personal tree trimmers at work:


Such concentration:


And finally, “aren’t you done taking pictures yet?”


Well ok, but you are just so cute!

Hopefully, I will have more quilty related content soon! Thank for stopping by.  And for those that know me only through “blogland”, but still expressed concern for me, thank you.  I was very touched by that.  🙂