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Sunday Reporting!

Hi y’all! I’m back from our trip.  Golf was not kind to my son last week.  But he kept an amazing attitude the whole time.  I am so proud of that kid.  He never lost his cool, and put every hole behind him and tried his best on the next one.

I also wanted to say I am loving using Google Reader to keep up with my blog reading.  I caught up with so many posts yesterday, and it was so easy.  I got my whole blogroll moved over to it, and will be adding some new ones to it, as it makes it soooo much easier to keep up with all y’all.

I looked for a cool quilt shop to visit while in Abilene, but wasn’t able to find one.  So, as far as my stash report, it remains unchanged.  None in, none out.  However, this weekend I have gotten to get back to quilting on my 9P & stripe, and it is a stash project. A big one. I have another set of borders finished, two to go.  And, I’m afraid the final two will be problematic, because I did not follow the rules.  I did not have enough fabric to leave myself enough extra backing on the edges.  Since it’s my own quilt, I’m going to try to forge ahead, but I may end up having to try to add some strips, which will not be easy at this point.  Someone slap me.  I know better, really.   Yesterday, I quilted the swags and beadboard, and today I did the Georgian feather strip.  I love feathers.  I love quilting feathers.  A few progress pics for you, even though they aren’t much different than what I’ve posted from this one before.  But, I’ve been seriously lacking blog content lately, and I guess same old, same old is better than none at all.








14 thoughts on “Sunday Reporting!

  1. OH MY! I’m at my parents house for a week or so…and you make me want to QUILT so BADLY! I will have to be content with piecing…I schlepped my Featherweight on the plane. I will ask my daughter about quilt shops. She is in the process of moving to Abilene and *says* she wants to start quilting. (oh a mom’s dream come true!) I have 2 weeks left when I get home to get ready for my Gammill to move in! U;n ready to practice feathers…but I’m not sure I’m ready to tackle straight lines and SID. I need to breathe DEEPLY! Thanks for the eye candy!


  2. Randi, the quilt is coming along nicely and is beautiful. I really like the beadboard and the scallops. Think I can handle that with a DSM? Even though your son didn’t have a good week, I’m sure you had a good week spending time with him.


  3. I should learn how to type. You do fine work!! And I can’t wait to see the finished product. That’s better. I”m at my sister’s and this keyboard is so different that it’s really hard for me to use.


  4. Wow Randi – absolutely beautiful! Can you tell us how you did the medallions and the feathers – did you use a stencil, etc. etc.?


  5. Gorgeous! I love google reader too! Can you tell me what those blue stripe thingys are on your frame? Looks like painter’s tape. What do you use it for?


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