Blogroll Changes

I find that when my life gets busier, I have trouble keeping up with the blogs I like to read.  So, I’ve been playing around with different ways to keep up, other than the “blogroll”.  I miss so much just clicking on the links every so often.  I have been using the “blog surfer” to keep up with some of my favorite Worpress blogs, but I find that I still miss out, if I go a few days without checking that, and it doesn’t help me as far as the blogs that are not hosted on WordPress.  So, awhile back I moved a few of my faves or “must reads” to Google Reader, to try that out, and I think I like that method pretty well.  It shows a whole listing of the blogs I read, and will tell me right there on the list which ones have new posts, without having to click on each one to see.  If you have previously been on my list, and see yourself missing, think nothing of it…you’ve most likely just been moved to my reader list.  Eventually, I’ll get everyone moved over and hopefully I won’t miss as much that way.

8 thoughts on “Blogroll Changes

  1. I have shared about Google Reader constantly now that my daughter’s fiance’ Jeff set it working for me – I love it, and I have you on my list there. I just wanted to agree with you. it’s great!!


  2. google reader works for me.
    A bit of a pain changing them over…….maybe reading Pokey up above there is an easier way than just
    adding to the subscription on google reader of the blogs you want to add.


  3. I love GoogleReader. I check it daily, sometimes twice each day. I will add to it as I find new blogs, and sometimes will take away those I need to remove, for whatever reason. I have found it to be SO helpful! Hope you do, too!


  4. I like google reader too. I just wish there was a fast way to move all my fav’s into it other than one by one.


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