Blogroll Changes

I find that when my life gets busier, I have trouble keeping up with the blogs I like to read.  So, I’ve been playing around with different ways to keep up, other than the “blogroll”.  I miss so much just clicking on the links every so often.  I have been using the “blog surfer” to keep up with some of my favorite Worpress blogs, but I find that I still miss out, if I go a few days without checking that, and it doesn’t help me as far as the blogs that are not hosted on WordPress.  So, awhile back I moved a few of my faves or “must reads” to Google Reader, to try that out, and I think I like that method pretty well.  It shows a whole listing of the blogs I read, and will tell me right there on the list which ones have new posts, without having to click on each one to see.  If you have previously been on my list, and see yourself missing, think nothing of it…you’ve most likely just been moved to my reader list.  Eventually, I’ll get everyone moved over and hopefully I won’t miss as much that way.


Another Time Sucker

I ordered a new quilting toy to play with.  I finally joined the EQ6-ers.  Oh. My. Gosh.  What a time sucker…I could sit and play with this software for hours…literally…hours.  And I don’t have hours to spare! LOL

I did start sewing my sawtooth stars together…and the winner was……….drumroll, please…….sew them together as is! You knew it, didn’t you?  I only have one row together…after I get row two together and sewn to row one,  I will  know for sure if this is my final answer.  I may take them back apart and start over, with sashing.  We’ll see.  Thank you to everyone who took time to participate in my poll!

This is another week of golfing for my son, so I will be very scarce.  It will continue this way until after school starts in August.  I hope y’all are having a great summer!

I’ll leave you with some pretty zinnia photos from my yard.