Good Saturday Morning!

I hope all my bloggy friends are having a good day. I am dropping in for another quick post just to let y’all know all is well and good in my world. I am simply super busy right now. We had a wonderful Easter holiday with family. I really had fun with this one. She is my little shadow when we are together. This is the only little girl out of 7, soon to be 8, grandchildren. Anytime I mention grandchildren, I get comments about being a young grandmother. My hubby is 14 years older than I am, and I have two older stepdaughters. I only throw that in only for clarification that I did not start having children in my early teens…lol. I had my only biological child at age 25. So, this is my little granddaughter (thanks to my hubby) and I think she is just pretty awesome. I love her and she loves me. You don’t have to be “blood related” to be “family”. We sure have a good time together!


And most of the rest of my attention last week was spent here:


The District 1-AAA District G@lf Champs…woohoo! And the third place individual medalist, my son.


The tournament was held in Lubbock. Our regional tournament, this next week, will be there, as well. So I’ll continue to be a bit scarce in blogland for just a bit longer. But I’ll be chatting with y’all soon!

Post script & warning…I apologize in advance if my language in the following paragraph offends you.

Yes…the g@lf is purposeful…I’m trying to prevent a blog scraper from scraping this content again. Apparently, the word g@lf was the key to being scraped by a stupid blog.  I usually let those slide if it’s just a quilt post, as I have not the time or energy to deal with those asswipe scrapers, but when they scrape a post that is totally personal content, it fricking pisses me off! So I deleted my first post and am reposting it, hoping they won’t pick up on it again.

4 thoughts on “Good Saturday Morning!

  1. Randi your little grandaughter is adorable!! I sure hope I’ll have some of those one day!
    Way to go on the tournament win!! I know that you are so proud!!
    I must be pretty naive cause I’m have no idea what scapers are? I guess I’ll have to ask the kids later 🙂 in any event I sure hope they leave you alone!!
    Have a great week,


  2. Your granddaughter is so cute and isn’t it fantastic to have such an adorable shadow! 🙂 Your son is very handsome! Congratulations!

    Now . . what is a scraper??


  3. Randi, I have a little shadow too so I know just how you feel about your little granddaughter. I also know how you feel about not having to be blood-related to be family. I raised my two stepchildren and they are my kids as far as all of us are concerned. We also inherited two stepgranddaughters when my daughter got married. Tommy calls them our bonus grandchildren. We love all of the kids and grandkids no matter how we got them!


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