Good Saturday Morning!

I hope all my bloggy friends are having a good day. I am dropping in for another quick post just to let y’all know all is well and good in my world. I am simply super busy right now. We had a wonderful Easter holiday with family. I really had fun with this one. She is my little shadow when we are together. This is the only little girl out of 7, soon to be 8, grandchildren. Anytime I mention grandchildren, I get comments about being a young grandmother. My hubby is 14 years older than I am, and I have two older stepdaughters. I only throw that in only for clarification that I did not start having children in my early teens…lol. I had my only biological child at age 25. So, this is my little granddaughter (thanks to my hubby) and I think she is just pretty awesome. I love her and she loves me. You don’t have to be “blood related” to be “family”. We sure have a good time together!


And most of the rest of my attention last week was spent here:


The District 1-AAA District G@lf Champs…woohoo! And the third place individual medalist, my son.


The tournament was held in Lubbock. Our regional tournament, this next week, will be there, as well. So I’ll continue to be a bit scarce in blogland for just a bit longer. But I’ll be chatting with y’all soon!

Post script & warning…I apologize in advance if my language in the following paragraph offends you.

Yes…the g@lf is purposeful…I’m trying to prevent a blog scraper from scraping this content again. Apparently, the word g@lf was the key to being scraped by a stupid blog.  I usually let those slide if it’s just a quilt post, as I have not the time or energy to deal with those asswipe scrapers, but when they scrape a post that is totally personal content, it fricking pisses me off! So I deleted my first post and am reposting it, hoping they won’t pick up on it again.