Sunday Snippets

No stash changes to report.  No quilting going on at all, still.  Don’t worry, that won’t last much longer. 🙂  I just needed a break.  I get that way sometimes.  Then the fever hits again.

Our team did not make it past regionals, with a fifth place finish.  We had one boy from the team qualify for the state tournament as an individual, but my son did not have his best rounds.  It just wasn’t meant to be this year.  So we will keep our fingers crossed for next year, which will be his last chance for him to go with his team, or as an individual himself.  He sure did look good, though!






Man, I love that kid.

And yippee! It must really be spring now.  Mongo has emerged!


This toad is large.  You can’t really tell in the pic, but he (or she?) is about as big as my fist.  I wonder how big it will be after a season of gorging on june bugs? Hopefully, Zapper and Green Bean will be making appearances before long, too.

I worked on laundry and housework this weekend, along with some yard work.  I worked on some of my planting beds.  Tilled them a bit with my “claw” gadget, and planted some flower and herb seeds.  Felt good to be outside in the beautiful weekend weather we had.

Guess that’s about all I’ve got for now.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!