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More Snow, But The Skies Are Blue Now

I have family members wanting to see pics of our snow, so here ya go! This was a funny looking snow “sculpture” made by the blowing wind.


This morning, it was more like a wall.


Please ingnore the broken dishwasher on the patio.  It makes me think of “you might be a redneck if…”  That is my old one that we had to replace last weekend, and that is as far as my hubby has gotten with hauling it off.  It really won’t stay there forever. 🙂

Lulu says, “no, Mommy…I don’t wanna go outside…I just want to stay curled up right here on Daddy’s lap…I’m not going to help you get my sweater on.”


How am I going to get out of here?




Notice, it was no problem for Libby the “snow plow”.


Drifts on the north side of the house.


I cleared all the snow off of the hot tub about 7:00, last night, and this is how it looks this morning.


Drifts on the south side of the house.


I thought this looked neat, hanging off of the house.


Where’s the sidewalk?


I can see the water tower and the rest of town again.



I’m not sure why my husband was laughing at me this morning…???



What tulips?


The tree across the street, and the tree next door look really pretty today.



This is a huge drift in the front, south side of the yard.


Between us and the neighbor to the north.


And a couple snow close-ups. 🙂



And that concludes this morning’s snow show!

11 thoughts on “More Snow, But The Skies Are Blue Now

  1. I really love the patterns the wind makes with the snow. So similar to the sand patterns you see pics of in the big deserts. Us, we have drizzle here now, supposed to have strong thunderstorms come through tonight.

    Great pics Randi!


  2. Beautiful pics!!!!! The princess wants to come to your house to play!!! 😀 Our snow has turned out to be just a heavy rainstorm instead…..


  3. What great pics! I especially like the one hanging off the house. I’m gonna run to DQ right now for a softie! It’s only 20 miles or so.


  4. For once, you all have received more snow than we did! 🙂 So far, we have only got about an inch and a half and it didn’t stick to the drive or sidewalk, so no shoveling for me…Yippie! Just remember, you’ll only have it hanging around for a few short days and it’ll help give you some much needed moisture! (I’m trying to think positive for you here!) 😉


  5. I’m sooo glad it’s at your house and not mine!! We’re in Albuquerque — woke up to a soft dusting, just enough to enjoy it. We heard that the worst went east along I40. Hope it melts soon!


  6. I had no idea that Texas got that much snow!! and in the spring yet. We still have more snow in our forecast….15 cm on Tues…I am so ready for spring!!
    You really took great pictures Randi. Labs love water in any form 🙂


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