Technical Difficulties

This blogger is currently experiencing technical difficulties, most likely due to the recent “spring forward” time change.  She is finding the adjustment period especially challenging this year.  Hopefully, the situation will correct itself soon, and she will return to a more regular posting schedule.  Thank you for your patience. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties

  1. Randi, take your time; it will happen soon and you will feel like your old self. (old as in previous, not age) ;o) I’m looking forward to hearing more from you when you feel better…Kathy


  2. I was really surprised this year that the time change didn’t bother me. I hope you feel better soon Randi!


  3. I understand completely………I much prefer the change in the fall…….way to much artistic harmony is disrupted in the spring.

    Karen L


  4. The maddening thing about DST is that studies have shown no great advantage about it… on the other hand, more sick days are noted after the time change. And so are car accidents and other sleep deprived incidents.
    Politicians : ( blech~~

    I hope you get over the jet lag soon, Randi. I do enjoy your posts!


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