Recent Awards

I have rec’d some blogging awards recently, that I need to acknowledge and express my appreciation to those that bestowed them upon me.

Irene awarded me:

The rules of the award are:

1. The winner may put the logo on her blog.

2. Put a link to the person you got the award from in your blog.

3. Nominate 3 blogs

4. Put links to the blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees.
These are always hard for me, because there are so many of you I think deserve this award.  I think today I will pass it on to Beth, Maria, and Wendy.
So consider yourselves awarded, play along if you like, but don’t feel bad if you don’t! 🙂
Awhile back, Jan & Freda both awarded me:

The rules for this one are a bit more complicated, and apparently require more effort to pass on than I wanted to invest. (Bad Randi, bad, bad Randi)

1. Put the logo on your blog
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you
3. Nominate 10 other blogs for this award
4. Add links to those blogs
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs
6. Give a reason why you consider their blogs cool.

So, thank you Jan & Freda for thinking enough of my blog to award me.  I’m just too lazy to do the work to pass it on. 🙂  And thank you to those of you that think it’s worth it just to pop in and see what I’m up to on a regular basis!

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