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LOL! Let’s play I spy!

Remember my Starry Log Cabin quilt?  It’s been on my bed about six months now.  I happened to look at it just right to notice something.  I just busted out laughing. Can you see it? 🙂 Wonder if there are any more…


17 thoughts on “LOL! Let’s play I spy!

  1. It is amazing! Our eyes see what we want them to see when our hearts say “I’m done with that”! I love it!


  2. Well it took me a minute to find it! That’s the kind of thing that always show visitors and make them fine the mistake. This is also where blogging comes in handy. If I post a photo of a completed quilt top someone will usually find an error so I can fix it before I quilt it – or not!


  3. I just noticed a tie in that wasn’t buried on a quilt. The quilt has been on my bed on and off for 11 years!!!

    It would be a block that has a lot of white in it too! It’s a good reminder to try to step back and look at a quilt before quilting it. I’ve done it too! Oh, well. It’s a gorgeous quilt.


  4. I just realized I made that quilt a lot of years ago. It’s a ton of work with all the set in stars. I’d really like to make it again though!


  5. As my mother would say, only God is perfect. So if anyone asked you did it on purpose. I agree that the quilt is beautiful as is!


  6. I couldn’t see it at first…like so many have said…if you haven’t seen it after 6 months, then it’s not much to worry about. Glad it made you laugh ;o)


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