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Search Engine Terms

Ok, I know that several of us like to see the search engine terms in our stats page, that have led people to our blogs.  Lots of quilt related searches, I get lots looking for the caterpillars that are on dill, since I post about them.  Often, there are some very amusing things in there.  Today, I have one that really gave me a chuckle…thought I’d share it:

“My dog died now I have chest pain”

Ok, so it’s funny and not funny at the same time.  I mean, I’m sorry their dog died and I hope the chest pain wasn’t serious.

I get a lot of hits from people looking for shoulder pain info, and that one I understand, since I gripe about my shoulder so often.  However, today I am NOT griping about it.  I actually have some good news on that subject.  If you’ve read my blog for long, you know I’ve been suffering with pain in my shoulder blade area, that has at times led to muscle spasms so bad that I could hardly move, even being painful to breathe.  I’ve been seeing my chiropractor for almost 2 yrs.  My doc had done an MRI on my shoulder, which didn’t show anything, nor do xrays.  I have all this popping going on in there, also, and it feels like things are “out of place”.  I could move my shoulder blade up and down, and it was like it was bouncing over another bone.  Well, I’ve been thinking that maybe it’s actually coming from my ribs, and not my shoulder.  After my adjustment two weeks ago, I had some improvement.  It felt pretty good for about a week.  So this week, I saw my massage therapist (who I’ve only been going to for about 2 months) right before I saw my chiro.  They are in the same office.  Actually, my massage therapist is married to my chiro’s brother, so they are in the same family, too.  But I digress.  Anyway, she really worked on the muscles around and under my shoulder blade, before I went to get adjusted.  My chiro did the usual adjusting, then sat me up and was feeling around my shoulder blade with his thumb and fingers, and he hit the spot that I felt had been giving me so much trouble lately.  He was really feeling around it and I said “that’s it…that’s where it seems to be coming from”, and he said “yes, THAT rib, right THERE”.  Then he tried an adjustment we hadn’t done before, where I had to put my hands behind my head with my fingers laced, lean back, and he somehow pulled me from behind.  And “POP!” Deep inside my chest.  He said, “I got it!”  I was like…hey….I think you did!  Anyway, I’m sore, but I have felt better for the last three days, than in FOREVER!  He said he hopes it lasts at least a week…lol.  (he says I’m “stucturally unstable”)  He also said he thinks the massage therapy is helping, as that was the farthest he’s ever been able to get his thumb up underneath that shoulder blade.  I told him I had started to think maybe it was a rib and not my shoulder, after all.  He said that the rib being out there aggravates the subscapularis muscle, which sucks the shoulder blade down and up against the rib cage, so everytime I move it, my arm or shoulder, it aggravates all that more, eventually getting the whole shoulder involved.  I’m going to start some light weight lifting, to try to strengthen the muscles more, so that maybe they will hold things in place better.  Will it last?  I don’t know yet.  But right now, my chiro and my massage therapist are two of my favorite people!

10 thoughts on “Search Engine Terms

  1. Oh Randi that is awesome news!!! Doing the pain free happy dance for you!!! I hope it lasts! Are you still doing the inversion table?? And my funniest search term… hard core quilting… really now… what is hard core quilting 😀

    Hard core quilting…lol…I haven’t inverted in awhile, mostly ’cause I have stuff stacked on the inversion table…I hope to tackle that this weekend and give it another whirl.


  2. You must be in heaven! Like waking up from a bad migraine the night before… I so hope the pain continues to recede, Randi. Hopefully the dr. will be able to continue to work with you and fix things permanently.
    Aren’t massages wonderful??


  3. Very good news Randi! I hope the adjustment lasts through the week and that each adjustment allows you more time free of pain until the rib stays where it belongs.


  4. Randi, you’re not crazy!:) What a relief it must be for you to finally find out that there really is something out of whack. I hope the therapy continues to give you good results….I know you’ve been suffering for quite a while.


  5. Oh man, Randi! I wish we’d have talked about this at some time or another, because I have this happen from time to time. I guess it’s just never come up when we were in the chatroom together! When my shoulder blade hurts like that, my chiro adjusts me the same way yours did with you. I find that it usually stays in place unless I lift something heavy. Since you’ve been out of place for so long, it may take longer to get things to stay where they should. I’ve been having problems with my mid-back and thinking that a regular massage would help. You’ve convinced me to give it a try! I’m so glad you’re feeling better!


  6. I happened on your blog and pics through quiltville and I just had to comment on your beautiful quilting. WOW. Where are you located? I live in Washington State and usually send my quilts out, but haven’t finished one in a while. You are talented!
    in Vancouver, WA


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