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Tuesday Tidbits

Sunday night the weather began changing.  The wind was picking up.  This triggered a headache for me, by Monday morning.  Not a whopping, huge headache, but enough to make me feel yucky all day.  The wind yesterday was blowing from the south, and it gusted up to 62 mph! YUCK! A neighbor, two houses down, returned one of my birdfeeders to me this afternoon.  Two coworkers and myself had to go drive to Borger in that yuckiness, to attend the funeral of one of our coworkers from that office.  It was sad, she was only 57 years old. Cancer.

Today, I woke up feeling quite a lot better, but the wind was still blowing, only this morning, it was from the north, and had snow in it. By this afternoon, the sun was shining again, the wind had calmed down, and all was well with the world. 

I really, really dislike wind like that.  It unsettles me for some reason.  There was so much dirt in the air Monday.  The sky was brown.

With the funeral, and the way I was already feeling, I didn’t get diddly squat accomplished yesterday.  Today, after work, I managed to get my workout done, and cooked dinner, cleaned the kitchen, and am about to turn in for a night of TV.  I hope to finish the prayer shawl I’m knitting.  I did cut up some more of my fabric scraps into leader/ender squares, during my lunch break.  That’s all the “quiltiness” that has been done since Sunday.  I have been doodling some designs in preparation for a kingsize customer top that is supposed to be coming.  It will be custom, and I’m actually pretty excited about doing it.  I’m feeling confident, for a change 🙂

Time for the Biggest Loser! TTYL!

7 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits

  1. Sorry to hear about your co-worker, Randi. Also your nasty headache.

    Your prayer shawl sounds pretty, will we get to see it?


  2. Glad your headache is better!
    You wouldn’t want to be here in Calif then with hurricane force winds. Thankfully we have a fence to corral our lawn furniture.


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