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I’m So Easily Amused

Meet Mater Man…


11 thoughts on “I’m So Easily Amused

  1. Now wait a minute……. at least YOU had to put it together…. had to dream it up……
    While WE,
    WE are so easily amused we actually LOOK at it.
    LIKE it
    and COMMENT on it.



  2. Ah, yes – so easily entertained. I think I need a mater man around my house. Oh – I do have one – I just finished my grandson’s Disney Cars quilt, and Tow-Mater is right there on it!


  3. I keep looking at your creation and puzzling over how you know it is a man……sure seems gender neutral to me. 😉

    Hope the funk has left the room……..


  4. Tee hee Randi…That’s hilarious. Funny you thought of it, funny you photographed it, and funny we all are commenting on it…quilters really are an odd bunch = )


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