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I am still here, too…

What is going on?  I, like Diane, have been in a major funk the last few days, too.  And I really don’t know why, other than that I am sick and tired of my day job.  It is sucking the life out of me.  Then I feel bad for feeling that way, because I try to tell myself I shouldn’t be whining and complaining.  I mean, I HAVE a job, it pays quite a bit better than minimum wage, I am ABLE to go to work, I have so many blessings, yada, yada, yada…not to mention the wonderful family I am blessed with.  A husband that couldn’t be a better mate for me, a son that I would not trade for any other boy on the planet…so WHY am I feeling so pissy?!  I have been so tired, too.  Oh well, enough of that…

Thank you all for the comments on my last post.  I so enjoy your visits to my little space here on the web.  I am tickled that you are noticing and checking on my block progress.  I really MUST finish this quilt!  This seems to be helping me stay at it.  I did two blocks today, putting me five ahead of my one a day scheduled goal.  I am starting to feel like I am going to finish this.  I realized that it has been almost TEN years in the making.  Oh my!  I will quilt it with either a panto, or the Quilt EZ contemporary BF’s.  I also want to say thanks to those who gave me pricing suggestions on the batting, and about my health.  Oh, and thank you for the nice comments on my furniture!  I have to tell you, that chair is fabulous for sitting in and doing handwork.  I have been sitting there, watching TV, and stitching on binding.  It’s just perfect for that.

Other progress to report for the week, is that I have added the 2nd round of logs, light and dark, to the 32 blocks for my cousin’s quilt.  Coming along nicely there.  Also, I am almost finished stitching the binding on my Mom’s Cornerstone’s quilt.  I did take it to Pampa with me when we went last week, and she LOVES it!  I knew she would, but it was so fun to see her see it.  I hope to have the binding done, a label made and attached, and give it a wash so that I can give it to her no later than Sept. 5th, when I will be passing through on my way to Amarillo for a doctor’s appt. 

School started here Monday, and DS was able to drive himself there and back for the first time.  He said he really likes his teachers that he got this year, so far.  Well, I am going to go take a hot bath, and get ready to settle in bed to watch Crazy, Sexy Cancer on the Discovery channel tonight.  I will work on Mom’s binding while watching. 

Thanks for stopping by…hope I wasn’t too much of a downer!

10 thoughts on “I am still here, too…

  1. You know… I’ve been a bit funked this week too…. I’m blaming it on the end of summer…. there just doesn’t seem to be any other reasonable explanation. So just hang in there and fake it until it is good 😉 And just imagine the happy dance you are going to have when that starry log cabin is done!!!!! I’m glad to see you back in blog land!!


  2. Randi, we all have our down times, hope yours will lift soon. Sounds like you’re making good progress on your quilts. Looking forward to seeing them.

    Hang in there.


  3. Hey, you! I am glad to see the progress you are making on stuff. I hope your dream about Bobby cames true very soon. I am feeling alittle better today, going to the fair helped alot, it was well worth the faxct that my body is killing me from all of the walking we did. I could fall into that great new chair of yours and fall right to sleep.


  4. Sometimes you just need to unplug from your day to day responsibilities for a while. I’m between projects at work, and am trying to take most of this week off. I don’t want to go anywhere. I’ve spent at least four hours of the last three days just sitting on the beach on Long Island Sound: dozing, knitting, sunning, and swimming. I needed to let my mind go blank.

    Obviously, I could use a few solid weeks of this, but the handful of days has helped to lift my mood. I am resisting the urge to tackle too many big projects. I think I just need to rest my mind and body. If you could try something like that, maybe it would help. I hope you feel better!


  5. Randi I hope your funk leaves soon!! I think its probably pretty normal, even being so blessed 🙂
    Pretty cool that Derick can drive himself to school! Its a different stage and I do miss driving and visiting but it sure frees up some of my time not having to for everyone anymore.


  6. Randi, don’t feel bad for being in a funk even though you are blessed. It happens to me every so often, too, and I usually can’t explain it. And, like you, I feel guilty when it happens. But it usually passes fairly quickly. That’s why it’s good to have women friends to vent to…..men just want to fix everything and sometimes there’s nothing to fix!


  7. I agree – it has been a funk-filled week here as well. Maybe it has to do with the eclipse – or “the” bug. Hope everyone gets back to normal spirit soon.


  8. It must be the weather. The best way to get over a funk is to do something nice for yourself! Yesterday, I spent doing artsy stuff and felt better for having done so.


  9. I just cannot seem to shake the funk….so I’m going to do something nice for myself (ala Carla’s suggestion! Thank you Carla!! 😀 ) So……what is nice enough to lift one out of a deep funk? Hmmmmm.

    Randi, hope your funk has lifted…..if not, Carla said to do something nice for yourself……….really, Really, REALLY Nice for yourself. 😀


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