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Finished Mom’s Quilt and Gayle’s Yummy Fabric

I finished the quilting on Mom’s quilt yesterday.  I cannot get a good pic of the whole quilt, without taking it outside, and it’s been too windy.  So, after I get it bound and delivered to Mom’s, I will probably get some better pics on her bed.  I am really pleased with how it turned out, if I say so myself.  I’m not used to feeling that way:-).  The only part I’m not sure I really like is the quilting on the outside border, but I was trying to kinda of match the flowing viney pattern in the fabric. Border and cornerstone:

000_5039.jpg000_5043.jpgThis quilt is big!  The top started at 115″ square.  I think it’s around 113″ after quilting.000_5057.jpg  000_5034.jpg And while we’re in my bedroom, this would be a good time to slip in one of my favorite things, that makes me happy.  My king size pine log canopy bed.  I saw it on a trip to Nebraska and fell in love with it.  DH ordered it after we got home, and surpised me with it for my birthday that year.  I had gone to my parent’s for a 2 day visit, and when I came home, he had it all put together.  I love it!  And him, too:-)!

000_5059.jpgI got a wonderful treat in today’s mail!  Gayle sent me some of her gorgeous hand dyed fabric as my prize for winning her contest on her blog.  It is so yummy!  I love it!  Thank you, Gayle!  I may have to take up this fabric dyeing…as if I have time for another project….

000_5060.jpg  Just scrumptious!  The pic does not do it justice!