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Finished Mom’s Quilt and Gayle’s Yummy Fabric

I finished the quilting on Mom’s quilt yesterday.  I cannot get a good pic of the whole quilt, without taking it outside, and it’s been too windy.  So, after I get it bound and delivered to Mom’s, I will probably get some better pics on her bed.  I am really pleased with how it turned out, if I say so myself.  I’m not used to feeling that way:-).  The only part I’m not sure I really like is the quilting on the outside border, but I was trying to kinda of match the flowing viney pattern in the fabric. Border and cornerstone:

000_5039.jpg000_5043.jpgThis quilt is big!  The top started at 115″ square.  I think it’s around 113″ after quilting.000_5057.jpg  000_5034.jpg And while we’re in my bedroom, this would be a good time to slip in one of my favorite things, that makes me happy.  My king size pine log canopy bed.  I saw it on a trip to Nebraska and fell in love with it.  DH ordered it after we got home, and surpised me with it for my birthday that year.  I had gone to my parent’s for a 2 day visit, and when I came home, he had it all put together.  I love it!  And him, too:-)!

000_5059.jpgI got a wonderful treat in today’s mail!  Gayle sent me some of her gorgeous hand dyed fabric as my prize for winning her contest on her blog.  It is so yummy!  I love it!  Thank you, Gayle!  I may have to take up this fabric dyeing…as if I have time for another project….

000_5060.jpg  Just scrumptious!  The pic does not do it justice!

12 thoughts on “Finished Mom’s Quilt and Gayle’s Yummy Fabric

  1. Hey! You are most welcome! Glad everything arrived safely. Thanks for sharing the other things you loaned me too.

    What a pretty quilt. And bed too.

    And about Oprah……. why dont you email her and tell her she needs to buy it 🙂 Actually…… I think Gayle King would be more likely to buy it. But what do I know?



  2. Oh, my! That is a biiigg quilt!
    You did a wonderful job, Randi. Your mother must be delighted to have a talented and thoughtful daughter like you. Your cc looks perfect…. really a nice looking quilt.
    I do like that bed. What a great husband to surprise you with it. And is that a bear in that photograph above the bed? : )


  3. Thank you all for the nice comments! Yes, Carla…those are 2 bears in the little print. Sleeping on a tree branch, and in the little heart on carved into the tree, are mine & DH’s names. My bears will be another post of favorite things…


  4. Now Randi, why don’t you tell everyone that you have a new machine and it appears that you are both enjoying one another! Great Job, I am sure your Mom will love it……


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