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Favorites Meme

Ok, it’s taken me days and days, but I think I finally have the favorites meme done!  Today, after I got off work, I loaded a customer top.  A “Hidden Star” sampler.  I’m actually very excited about quilting it.  I’m not freaking out nervous!  Can you believe it?   I want to do some fun feathers in it.  First, I have to finish the SID around the blocks for stabilizing.  Then the fun can begin!

A – A-1 quilting machine named Corky!

B – Bears

C – coffee

D – Derek

E – Eggplant Parmigiana

F – Fabric!!!

G – Greg

H – Home

I – internet quilting friends 🙂

J – jerky

K – kitties

L – Libby & Lulu

M – Money!  Lots of it! 😉


O – olives

P – pumpkins

Q – Quilts!!!!!!!!

R – rice krispy treats

S – Salsa & chips

T – toads

U – Upside Down Pineapple Cake

V – Vacation days

W – weekends

X –  Xtra fabric yardage

Y – yards & yards of fabric

Z – zucchini

6 thoughts on “Favorites Meme

  1. If you like Rice Krispie Treats, try adding white chocolate chip morsals when you melt your butter………to die for. Just slap them on your hips cause that’s where they are going anyhow.


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