Happy New Year!

Well, here we are at the start of another new year and a new decade! 2019 was quite eventful for me. After 22 years working in the criminal justice system, I was able to take my retirement and pursue the work I love, longarm quilting, as my main employment. The first Monday morning of “retirement” was the happiest I can remember waking up in 30 years. It felt amazing!

One of the other reasons I wanted to retire so early was to he able to spend more time with my mother, who was in the local nursing home with dementia. I retired on May 31st, not knowing our extra time together would be so short. She passed on August 27th after falling and breaking her hip on the 9th. It was a catastrophic injury for her with her mental state. I’m thankful we had a few more lunches, bingo dates, etc. than we would have had if I had not been able to retire. I will miss her every single day of the rest of my life.

About that same time I had started keeping my two preschool age grandsons during the day after my daughter in law, a stay at home mom, was offered a full time teaching position at the local elementary school. What a blessing the extra time with those two boys has been for me.

Yes, 2019 was full of big, big changes here. I’m hoping to be a better blogger again in 2020. We shall see! I’ll leave off here with some shots of just one of the beautiful client quilts I was blessed to work on last year. Happy New Year, y’all! Thanks for stopping by!

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