Still Riding The Roller Coaster

Doing a quick post from my phone, which I don’t find to be the most user friendly way of posting, so please overlook lack of proper writing. I am sitting at Greg’s bedside. He had gotten moved down the hall to a step down from the LTACH ICU wing he started on, and things were moving along. He even got his trach out. He still wasn’t doing well with therapy. He continues to complain of lower back pain. But, he was starting to feed himself some and was putting on his glasses to see better. All little things, but pretty big to us considering where he was a month ago.

Wednesday, we got a call we weren’t expecting. He suddenly went into respiratory distress, and since the trach was gone, he had to be sedated and intubated again, to go back on vent. That was in the morning. About 6:10 that same evening, things got worse, he could not clear airway, and actually coded. The response team was on it quickly tho, because a respiratory therapist actually was checking on him about the time it was getting serious. He was down less than two minutes when they got his heart beating again. The cause was two large mucous plugs blocking his airway, that he had been unable to clear on his own. If they had not intubated him again that morning, it is likely they would not have been able to get them suctioned out in time to save him, or save him without major damage due to lack of oxygen. Scans and bronchoscopy have been done and the pulmonologist is happy with results and doesn’t think he will have to put trach back in. Today, they are in the process of weaning him off vent and sedation, and hoping to extubate tomorrow.

The very best news from the last two days is that his kidney function has improved so much that the nephrologist thinks he will not need dialysis anymore! That is a huge blessing. A big Praise God for answered prayer.

I have people tell me that they don’t know how I have been so strong in this. The strength is not my own. I am clinging to and standing on the promises of God for dear life. In our weakness, He is strong. That doesn’t mean I understand why all this has happened, I just have to trust that God is big enough, and faithful enough to get me through. And, in my darkest moments, he has yet to let me down.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5.

Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will act. Psalm 37:5.

8 thoughts on “Still Riding The Roller Coaster

  1. Hopefully things will be good from now on, no more like Wednesday. I’m still praying for you and Greg and hope that the Good Lord will see you through this. Please take care of yorself too Randi.


  2. I continue to pray for Greg’s full recovery, the doctor’s knowledge and expertise and for your mental health. Please allow help whenever possible. I sure hope this nightmare ends for you soon. I think of you often.
    Love and peace to you.


  3. This is such a terrible time but in general, he his getting better. Three steps forward, one back, but he does sound like overall he is improving. It’s you I worry about. Sometimes it’s only the tension which holds us up.
    Please look after yourself as much as you are able, get sleep, eat well, take vitamins. Keep yourself well for when he comes home.
    With love,


  4. You are on quite the roller coaster ride, Randi. But thankfully, God is steady and sure. Rely on Him for all your needs, cry out to Him and He will hear you! My best to all of you.


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