Happy Mother’s Day

I know updates here have been seriously lacking, and I’m sure some of you are wondering what in the world has been happening. Well, quite a lot. Greg is now awake and alert. Yay! However, there are some memory issues that we hope will clear up in time.  For instance, he thinks he was in a wreck, and that is why he is in the hospital. There seems to be a little disconnection from reality. It’s hard to explain, but he isn’t asking things like when will he get out, what is next, etc., or how things are at home, or his shop, and that is not like him, at all. He does know all of us, and knows he loves us. He answers questions appropriately.  His white blood count went all the way down into the 16,000’s, and we were elated, but as of yesterday…back up to 36,400. New cultures were done and the yeast infection is showing up in his urine again. So, now he is back on antifungals meds, and they also put him on an antibiotic called cubicin. I really worry about what this will do to his kidneys. They were just starting to show some real improvement in the labs ran on them, and the nephrologist is very encouraged about possible/probable return of function with them.  I have been praying so hard for those kidneys to come back. This up and down, good news/bad news routine is really tough emotionally. Now, that he is awake, it is even harder to have this four hour separation. I want to be there encouraging him and supporting him, every day. But, in the midst of all of this, my already short-handed department at work is going to be even more short, as my assistant director is retiring this month. I can do a lot of my own work from Lubbock…but, until I can get another officer in place, I will have to be physically present in the office to cover the criminal caseload she has been carrying, etc.  So, an already challenging situation just became a bit more challenging, but, this too shall pass. I might just have to pray even harder some days. 🙂  At least I have been blessed to have been able to be there as much as I have. I work for two very family oriented and understanding district judges, and they have been so supportive. I am so appreciative to have that.  I am anxiously waiting for that day when we just get on that good roll forward and stay on it.  Please pray for his kidneys to not take a big setback with the return of antifungals and antibiotics, and for the eradication of these infections, once and for all! There is also a lower back pain issue that caused some interference with his physical therapy this week. An MRI was ordered, and hopefully we will have the full report from that tomorrow.  He needs to be able to work hard to get stronger, and get up out of that bed, so we can get him home! I think if he were “thinking normally”, like his real self,  he would push through the pain more, to try to reach that goal. That’s another area where there seems to be a bit of a disconnect, for lack of a better word.  I think this post is a little disconnected and rambling, as well…so I will just finish it off with please keep praying for us! And thank you for doing so!