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Inside My Husband’s Head

Literally.  Now we have a visual of this unwelcome intruder inside Greg’s head.  The surgeon let me snap some quick photos of the MRI with my phone.   It is the blob between his eyes, and infiltrating the sinus cavity below.  We have our surgery date.  On January 28th, this thing is going to get eradicated! The surgeon feels very confident that he is going to be able to get him all fixed up! He may lose his sense of smell, and that’s sad…but, the least of what it could be.  We can live with that.

So, if you wish to see….

In this next set, I have drawn circles around the whole thing. The darker area in the bottom area of the tumor, in each photo, is the sinus cavity, that the tumor has infiltrated.  It has grown through the bone to invade that area.  The part that is mushrooming up is putting the pressure on the frontal lobes, and causing most of him symptoms.  It is causing swelling, especially on that right side where it has grown up farther.

The surgeon said he has treated one that had actually grown down the patient’s nostril.  At least Greg’s hasn’t gone that far yet! Looking at these photos, I can’t even imagine that.  I think I’m feeling a little more peace about it, and Greg seems somewhat  relieved this evening, as well.  At least we have a plan and a date!  Again, thank you all so much for the prayers and well wishes! I can’t express enough how appreciated they are and have been.

19 thoughts on “Inside My Husband’s Head

  1. It’s such a releaf I’m sure to finally have a plan! Prayers coming your way for continuing peace for you both and guidance for the doctors.


  2. Amazing! The human body is really a wonderous thing, isn’t it?
    I’m glad you and Greg are feeling not as anxious now. Please continue to keep us updated when you’ve time.

    God bless you all.


  3. Best of luck to Greg. I will add him to my prayers for a conplete and rapid recovery! You hang in there too….sometimes it’s hard to be the one in the waiting room.


  4. Wow, that’s scary! It sounds like the news is good. You know, I hardly have any sense of smell. Sometimes I smell things that don’t exist. It’s not that big of a deal except that he will like food a lot less. Smelling the food is half the taste!


  5. Oh good! That date is almost here! I’m sure it will all go as planned. I’m hoping he doesn’t lose his sense of smell but seeing that lump on the MRI puts it all in perspective. There’s a lot of praying for y’all so keep remembering that! Hugs,


  6. Actually seeing something makes it more real sometimes – and maybe easier to deal with for you and your husband. I’m sure everything will turn out well. I hold you both in my heart.


  7. It’s so good to hear the doc say he can take care of it and that he has handled worse cases. You must be exhausted. Emotional times can just drain all the energy right out of you. Sending hugs your way.


  8. With all the bad things that go on in our world, it was so good to read your post. Having a date and a doctor who is ready and able to get this taken care of is so wonderful. My prayers continue for all of you.


  9. My grandpa had the same surgery 15 years ago for the same thing. He was in his early 70’s at the time. He recovered well and had no side effects. I’m praying for the same outcome for your husband!


  10. Randi
    I am so relieved to know you have a date set for your husband’s surgery.
    Now you both can focus on his recovery.
    Please take care and know that I think of you often. I have been sidetracked with a family emergency of my own but I had to check in and see how you were managing.
    Your strenght inspires me. I will be thinking of you both on the 28th


  11. I am so glad you have a date! Will be keeping you both in my heart and prayers. I KNOW everything will go great though :0)


  12. Praying that all goes well for your husband. You two have been in my thoughts (as has your mother, I hope she is doing well).


  13. I hope all goes well for your husband. Both of you have been in my thoughts often as has your mother, I hope she is doing well. I will watch for the post surgery update and be praying for an excellent outcome to the surgery.

    P.S. this is my second attempt to post a reply. I cannot see that the first one posted, so my apologies if two show up.


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