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Inside My Husband’s Head

Literally.  Now we have a visual of this unwelcome intruder inside Greg’s head.  The surgeon let me snap some quick photos of the MRI with my phone.   It is the blob between his eyes, and infiltrating the sinus cavity below.  We have our surgery date.  On January 28th, this thing is going to get eradicated! The surgeon feels very confident that he is going to be able to get him all fixed up! He may lose his sense of smell, and that’s sad…but, the least of what it could be.  We can live with that.

So, if you wish to see….

In this next set, I have drawn circles around the whole thing. The darker area in the bottom area of the tumor, in each photo, is the sinus cavity, that the tumor has infiltrated.  It has grown through the bone to invade that area.  The part that is mushrooming up is putting the pressure on the frontal lobes, and causing most of him symptoms.  It is causing swelling, especially on that right side where it has grown up farther.

The surgeon said he has treated one that had actually grown down the patient’s nostril.  At least Greg’s hasn’t gone that far yet! Looking at these photos, I can’t even imagine that.  I think I’m feeling a little more peace about it, and Greg seems somewhat  relieved this evening, as well.  At least we have a plan and a date!  Again, thank you all so much for the prayers and well wishes! I can’t express enough how appreciated they are and have been.