A is for Applique

This block (from Blackbird Designs’ Quilting The Garden book) is really starting to come to life.

Right now, the pieces are secured with Liquid Stitch.  Once I have them all in place, I will machine applique them down.  I’m trying to decide if I want to use a poly mono thread, for invisible machine applique, or use embroidery thread in matching colors, and decorative stitching. The latter would definitely take longer.

Sana’s quilt is also coming along.  I finished all the crosshatching and SID today, and got more of the rope border done.  I’m slow…I know.  Too many projects…too little time!

Tomorrow, it’s back to the grindstone, with another work week beginning.  But, it has been a blessed weekend at home again.  Mom  (who is progressing quite well)  has other family helping this week, which has been really great for me.  My house was in terrible disarray, due to my lack of attention to it, with all that has been going on.  I was able to make progress on it, and spend time doing things I love…which is certainly good medicine for my soul!

5 thoughts on “A is for Applique

  1. Your projects are looking great!!

    Sometimes when I machine applique I use a blind hem stitch instead of mono. Just something to think about (like you need something else!)

    Glad you are getting a little relief from other family members – but I also know it’s hard not to be right there with her. Know that you are all still in my prayers and I know your Mom is sitting in His hand.


  2. It’s good you’re getting a bit of a break. So important for caregivers. Praying Mom continues to progress well.

    You’re Christmas quilt is so pretty. I would like to do a quilt for each bed, too. I wonder if that will happen? 🙂

    Blessings! and prayers for Mom and family


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