Just a Little Quilting

I finally had a weekend that did not involve a hospital or a hotel…just home.  Yay! I got started quilting a top for a fellow guild member,  Sana.  Sana and I both have full-time jobs in criminal justice,  and are both longarm quilters.   I feel very honored that she asked me to complete this quilt for her.  Sana, I hope you like what I’m doing to your top! 🙂  I am enjoying working on it!

I auditioned a few stencils for the strip pieced blocks, but then I realized that the most effective quilting for those areas would actually be some type of straight line quilting.  I think the crosshatching is working well, and does not get “lost” in there like a stencil motif would have.  And, it doesn’t complete with the star blocks.

I think I spend as much time upside down checking out the back, as I do looking at the top!

I hope everyone is having a great week! Thanks for stopping by!