Pretty in Purple

I stayed the night with Mom, in the hospital.  I was surprised when I got home, that I still had energy left to do a little quilting on the client quilt I loaded yesterday.  This is the first time I have quilted this panto, and I’m loving the texture, and the way the flowers seem to dance across the top.  The pattern is Lorien Flower by Lorien Quilting.  I think it is also an enjoyable pattern to stitch.  No computerized system here…my quilting is completely hand guided.  So, a nice flow to a pantograph pattern is important to me.  This one has it.

Dianne, I think it’s looking great, and I hope you like it, too! Thank you for sharing your pretty quilt with me.  I did run out of steam before I finished today, but I will do my best to have it back to you soon.  Thank you for your patience, and also for a nice generous backing to work with!

I am loving yo-yo making! I told Mom that I have found a project she can do, when she starts feeling better. 🙂  I will show her how and let her try one, and if she likes it, I will get her a set of yo-yo makers of her very own, and supply her with some of my scrap fabrics.  I think it would be something that could help her pass the time while she regains her strength.  Right now, she is so weak she can barely raise herself up out of bed.  Her fever went up to 102 degrees last night, prompting blood draws, and a chest xray, which revealed some pneumonia in the right side.  It is always so hard for me to leave her.  If I were not working, I think I would just live at the hospital with her.  I am thankful for some wonderful extended family that are pitching in, so that we can all take turns sitting and resting, and give me some peace of mind while I’m at work.  I am sooooo ready for her to turn the corner and start having better days again.  I hate seeing her so frail and weak, and suffering with pain. But, I believe that she is going to get past this, and my Mom will be coming back, and someday we will have a project with yo-yos made by mother and daughter.

10 thoughts on “Pretty in Purple

  1. Prayers continuing for your mother (and you, too).

    The panto design is very pretty!

    I’ve not purchased any of the yo-yo makers — GASP!! There is a sewing/quilting item T hasn’t bought!!!! Amazing! ;^)

    You are in my thoughts often.


  2. I’m glad you like the panto – I love your blog :o)

    Did you know you can leave out the centre part of the flower? Just zoom straight through the middle and out the other side like the middle scoops aren’t there. It’s a different look and fits into a different price bracket for your clients. Yay – two pantos for the price of one.

    Best, warmest wishes for your mum’s recovery.


  3. Randi,
    This is the toughest part, the chemo wipes them out entirely. Once the stem cell transplant is done I believe your Mom will begin to get better each and every day. I know my Dad did, he just got back from a trip to Europe. Without that treatment he would not have been here right now to do that.
    You are a great daughter to be so dedicated to your Mom, you must love her so much, it hurts to see someone you love suffer. My offer to email if you need someone to talk to who has been through the same thing still stands. Anytime, honestly, I understand.


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