longarm quilting

One More Done and Out the Door

I finished the quilting on Betty’s 30’s prints quilt.  The 30’s fabrics were from a jelly roll that another friend and I gave Betty for her birthday last year.  I love 30’s prints and I think it’s a very lovely quilt! Betty is one of my dearest friends and I enjoy quilting for her.  She loves me and always loves her quilts. The quilting pattern is Sunny Daze by Deb Geissler.

8 thoughts on “One More Done and Out the Door

  1. Randi,

    Lovely quilting as always! Love the new background for the blog…I was looking at new themes yesterday and this was one that I had set aside. Too funny!


  2. Randi could you email me please? I would like to ask you a question. Thanks so much and by the way love, love, love your blog!


  3. Randi, sometime back I wrote you about doing a quilt for me. I just wanted you to know that the lady you reccommended, Lynn, was just delightful. She did an awesome job. The quilt now hangs in the foyer of the school, where I hope it will be enjoyed for years to come. Thanks again.



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