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Been Busy, Busy…and Sick

Meant to get another blog post up before now, but life had other plans.  Of course, there was district golf, and traveling for that.  I happily and proudly present the 2010 District Champs!

The first one on the left is MY golfer.  Hopefully, I will be on the road to Lubbock Sunday, for the regional tournament, Monday and Tuesday.  I say hopefully, because I have been down for the count since Wednesday evening with some nasty flu.  I managed to get out of bed around 11:00 this morning.  I was up and down all night with a horrid headache.  I tried ice, I tried hot bath water…nothing would ease what felt like a vice squeezing my brain.  And the nausea.  Yuk.  My poor DH has even been home with it since mid-afternoon Wednesday.  I am praying that Derek does not get it.  At least not til AFTER regionals.  That would not be good.

I finished the quilting for the guild’s donation quilt.  The pattern is Lucky Stars, by Terry Atkinson, with an added applique border.  I think the guild members were happy with it.  I used Quilter’s Dream blend batting, Superior’s Rainbows thread on top, and Superior’s So Fine thread on back.  The top is all batiks, and the backing is a wide batik backing from Sew Batik.  It was wonderful to quilt.  I was worried about using a fussier thread with all those batiks, but I didn’t have any troubles.  I started out with a larger needle…a size 20 titanium from Groz-Beckert, and that seemed to work very well.  I had fantastic tension, top and bottom.  I was very happy with the way the quilting looks on the back.

Here are some block close-ups so you can see how lovely this Rainbows variegated thread looked on this.  I was using the color Rain Forest, in the stars and borders, and Sand Castle in the background.  The Rain Forest blended so nicely with all the different colors in this quilt.  I love it!  The Sand Castle was a perfect match for the range of colors in the batik background fabric.

The ladies at the guild did a great job putting this together and it was a pleasure to work on it.  I fell totally in love with it, and it sure was hard to give it back! Just a couple more…

It will be a lucky person that gets to take this Lucky Stars home with them!

On a final note, thanks to everyone that took time to vote in the Circle Lord Challenge contest, whether you voted for my quilt or not! And thanks to those that have sent me good wishes and words of encouragement, and did vote for mine.  Now, we just have to wait til the winners are announced.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.  Think I will go lay back down for awhile.

22 thoughts on “Been Busy, Busy…and Sick

  1. Awesome job, Randi! I wish I was in the drawing to win this beauty. I took note of the thread and needle you used for when I get my batik quilt on the machine.


  2. Randi I hope you are feeling better soon!

    What a lovely quilt this is! GREAT quilting! I love your thread and design choices. GREAT JOB!

    And GOOD LUCK to your son! I hope they do well!


  3. I’m sorry you’re not feeling well – that sounds just awful! I sometimes get headaches in the middle of the night – and everything seems worse at 3am! Much good luck to the golfer! And, much good luck with your quilt in the Circle Lord challenge! This Lucky Stars quilt is stunning too!


  4. Your quilting is magnificent! Do we have a chance to get in on the raffle?? Oh, never mind … I see it is a donation quilt. Bummer!

    GL to D and rest of the Big Red team!!


  5. The guild should be bowing down to you on this one – it is beautiful! Congrats on your darling son and his team!


  6. I’m loving your quilting style!! ……….. and I could almost “eat” that thread. I’ve gotta say, I’m a thread addict……..yes, a day doesn’t go by when I’m not drooling or fondling the threads. I just don’t get enough of the stuff.


  7. I love love love how you quilted this Lucky Stars… I would like to ‘borrow’ your designs for when I get one to quilt. I might even make one of my own!! Hope you are feeling better and congrats to Derek!


  8. Randi, this is stunning. I want to be sure and buy lots of chances.

    Hope you are on your feet and things back to normal.


  9. Randi, I love the feather/leaf vine in the borders. It’s beautiful. Actually, the entire quite is beautiful, nice work. Hope you are feeling better.


  10. Randi,
    What a delightful quilt. Love the feathers, colours, textures….. everything. I’m trying to wrap my brain around the sashing size. Of course it’s very obvious when you KNOW the answer, but my brain refuses to connect with the answer. Are the floating star blocks 12″ finished? Thanks, Val.


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