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Voting has begun in the Circle Lord Challenge!

It is now time to vote for your favorite quilts in the Circle Lord Challenge.  I have one entry in the contest, my nine patch and stripe quilt, “For the Love of Eleanor”.  The pattern is from Eleanor Burns Still Stripping book.

This link will take you to the site and the voting instructions.

Circle Lord Challenge

There are lots of awesome quilts there, so do take a few minutes to go pick some favorites to vote for, even if it’s not mine! My quilt is in category D, #147 .  There is also a category “V”, to vote for overall Viewer’s Choice.

Here are some photos I took after I finished the quilting.

Of course, I would be most appreciative of any votes you care to throw my way, if you feel my quilt is deserving! 🙂

12 thoughts on “Voting has begun in the Circle Lord Challenge!

  1. I’m not allowed to vote, since I came up with this crazy challenge and Michael made me a moderator…You did exactly what I wanted to see when I threw this challenge out there. I wanted to see creativity….not just one template used as designed. I wanted to see the extra touches put on the quilt…you did it!! And stay tuned….After MQX and MQS and everyone has calmed back down…I have another CL challenge lurking in my head.
    Good luck in the Challenge!!

    Thank you, Mary Beth!


  2. Oh, Randi.. I loved watching this quilt evolve as you worked on it. It is incredible! How long did it take you to complete the quilting on this beauty?


  3. It’s really beautiful – and so completely unique and creative. I become more and more interested in the Circle Lord every time I see this kind of execution. Thanks for sharing!


  4. That is one of the most beautifully quilted quilts I have ever seen! Your talent is amazing. It’s mind-boggling how such a simple pieced pattern comes to life with thread. Take a bow!


  5. This is just stunning……I’ve accidentally found your blog, and I’m blown away by your work. I’ll definitely be back visiting your blog, your quilting is just amazing.


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