stash busting

The Stash

Judy has challenged us to post pictures of our stash.  I’m game.




This is more fabric, and my magazine stash, and the very bottom box is more fabric that I have set aside for two different quilts I plan to make.  Someday.  One is a chicken theme quilt, and you can see the rooster fabric in the box, that I plan to use for backing.  Those two sacks there are full of fabric, also.


And, this was going to be in tomorrow’s stash report, but I may as well spill the beans now! When I’m bad, I’m very bad.  23 yards of batiks were delivered to my door today.  It hasn’t even made it’s way to my stash yet.  I’m just enjoying it’s beauty as it lays there in my chair and across my ottoman.



In my defense, it was all on sale! I didn’t pay over $4.00 a yard for one piece of it.  Thousands of Bolts is having a big batik sale.  Hurry! Two days left! There’s still time for you to get some, too! Bwahahahaha!

20 thoughts on “The Stash

  1. Shame on you, Randi for trying to pull us all into your mad stash BUILDING scheme! Shame, shame.

    Thousands of Bolts you say?

    I’m on my waaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!


  2. You know adding to the stash should only count if you pay full retail…….$4 batiks should be excluded. I think I’ll just moosy-on-over to thousands of bolts and just have a look around.

    Karen L


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