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Caterpillar Post!

I haven’t posted any caterpillar posts on my blog, in quite awhile.  However, if you put “caterpillar”, “swallowtail”, “butterfly” or “butterflies” in the search box in the upper right corner, you will find several older posts with lots of pics of the black swallowtail butterflies and caterpillars, that I like to watch in my yard.  I plant dill and parsley for them every year, and I get lots of caterpillars.  However, I had never been able to find one making it’s chrysalis.  Until today!!  I have had some trouble with birds finding them, and when they do, they just wipe out the whole lot of them.  So, when I found this last batch on my parsley, I put some chicken wire over them to keep the birds out.  I also hoped that they might use it to attach themselves to, when they were ready to make their chrysalis.  Nope, they’ve been crawling off somewhere else.  Yesterday, Greg noticed a smaller one hanging on the underside of the wire.  It’s a smaller one, so I thought maybe it was just hanging there to molt it’s skin.  I checked on it this morning, and it was still there, and I thought I could see a strand of silk looking stuff.  So, I took some pics, just in case.  These were taken before we left for Sunday School.  Oh, if you click on the pictures, they will pop up in their own window, and then you can click them again, and see them really close up.



I checked on it after church, and it still didn’t look much different.  I went out just a few minutes ago, right before 4:00 pm, and wow!  Look at it now! How cool is that? (and no, it doesn’t take much to amuse me…lol)  But really, aren’t God’s creations just amazing?






I’m so excited that I finally found one! This is the area around them, so no wonder they are hard to find.  My tomato plants are next them, and a small tree is also there, with leaves that they can just blend right into.


I hope I get to see it emerge, 0r at least soon after, while it is drying it’s wings.  If I do, I will post pics of that, also.

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I just kept sewing yesterday!

By the time yesterday was done,  I had worked a bit on FIVE different quilts.  Well six, if you count the prep work on a customer top I’m fixing to start quilting.  But I made a little bit of progress on five of my own WIP’s.  Yay!

I made great headway on my Boston Commons.  I have one more row like these, then adding white fabric around and between, a pieced border, and then I am going to add an additional plain border all around so I have some more space to quilt feathers in.  The original pattern, which is by Darlene Zimmerman, ends with a narrow border of the the squares and white triangles.


While I was sewing Gracie’s Star together, and while I was piecing on the above quilt, I worked on my leaders/enders quilt, Oklahoma Backroads, and I had my embroidery machine running, cranking out some blocks for a red & white Christmas quilt.


And then, when I went to bed, I took my 9P & stripe quilt with me, and worked on knotting and burying some of the thread tails I left on it.  I should have done it while I was going along on it…now it feel like I will never get them all done.  😦  I’m glad I decided to go back to a backtack before I finished.  And I still have to bind it!

I did get my backing and binding picked out for Gracie’s Star.  Now I just have to decide on which quilting pattern I want to use.  I think it’s a bit dark & busy to spend a lot of time on custom, but a pretty allover will finish it off nicely.

The first part of this year I just kept starting new projects.  Maybe this last part will be about finishing!  I would like to finish these projects I have started with my stash fabrics!