My baby is 18!!

Happy 18th birthday to my son!  We are grilling some shrimp skewers and having chocolate pudding delight for his “cake”.



And, I’m happy to report that Zapper showed up for dinner on the patio last night.  So he really did come through ok.  I don’t know if he would’ve been ok if I had left him buried in that pile of hail or not.  I like to think I rescued him.  And one of the baby doves did survive, but it sure looked lonesome all by itself on the roof last night.  I haven’t seen it today, so maybe it is now happily flying around.

And Gayle, that yellow bellied bird you asked about…I believe it is a Western Kingbird.

I’m off to have birthday dinner with my boy young man.

5 thoughts on “My baby is 18!!

  1. My how he has grown into a handsome young man! You must be very proud of him! He looks a lot like you (he can thank you for good genes!)
    Happy Birthday to Derek and to you!


  2. Congrats to your son… I see he is sporting his “horns” …our family has Aggie connections. Love the 9P and stripe quilt….love your feathers. I so want to master them.But I am a relatively new longarmer…. only had my machine about 10 months. Lovely work you are doing.


  3. Wow Randi Congratulations and Happy Birthday Derek!! and yep its amazing how they manage to age and we don’t, you look great Randi!


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