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Stash Quilt Reporting

I don’t think my reports are about stash busting any more, but what I’ve done with my stash.  I added 5 yards of Kona white cotton back to the stash, since I’m using what I had in my Boston Commons.  That is a staple I like to keep on hand.  I finished by sawtooth star blocks, finally.  And, I think I might like them all together, after all.  If you’ve been following my progress on them, you may remember this previous post, where I posted the ones I had finished together, and then divided into different color groupings and settings.  Well, here is the whole lot of them, finished and laid out how I would sew them together, if I decide to follow the original pattern.



I think I do like it.  My husband likes it.  How about a poll?

To see how they looked divided into orange and no orange groups, click the link to the previous post, mentioned above.  I’m curious to see which one wins.  Doesn’t mean I’ll follow it, but I might!

14 thoughts on “Stash Quilt Reporting

  1. I like your blks and I like your report! I don’t use the stash busting report for anyone’s information but mine – I am curious to see where this year I started and how much I add during it and where I end up in Dec. I also like to see what I have done, because I’ve realized – I forget things like that easy!!! I love working on it, but when I have moved on, and I put the last project away, out of sight, out of mind!! So, I like to go back and see what I’ve done!!
    so your post is just fine! I come on here to see what people are doing – and now i am loving Judy’s monday what’s on your design wall postings!! this and that one are just fun to come and view!! Have a great week!!


  2. I really like them all together as you’ve laid them out, without the sashing. The orange gives it a spark that it doesn’t have without it. It’s going to be a beautiful quilt!


  3. Though I LOVE the combination of all the blocks without sashing, I voted to use sashing. If you sew these blocks together the way they are, none of your seams will nestle, and you’ll have a heck of a time matching seams from block to block and when joing your rows.
    It’s going to be beautiful however you decide .


  4. I tend to prefer overly matched fabric combinations, so I understand why you might want to separate the blocks into two groups. But they look spectacular together! The placement of the “orange” stars draws the eye across the quilt. Sew ’em up and call it finished (and beautiful).


  5. I like sashings, so that is the way I voted, but they do look nice laid out the way you have them. I hope you leave the orange for a fun color punch!


  6. I also am a sashing person and almost always have sashings in my quilts. That’s the nice thing about quilting and asking for opionions, you can ignore them and do whatever you darn well want too!


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