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Finished Quilting and Salsa Recipe

My stash numbers remain unchanged from last week.  None in, none out.  However, I’ve been working on projects.  I’m almost done stitching the binding sleeve on my Storm At Sea.  I have started the handstitching of the binding on the memorial quilt.  I completed the quilting on my Daddy’s log cabin.  I used Quilter’s Dream cotton batting in the deluxe weight, Superior Rainbows Waikiki in the blue with Pastel Blue So Fine in the bobbin, Superior So Fine Cashew in the tans, with So Fine Toast in the bobbin. 

I quilted whimsical hearts in the corners, since it’s for my Daddy. 🙂

back of quilt
back of quilt


gorgeous variegated Waikiki
gorgeous variegated Waikiki


gorgeous Waikiki thread
gorgeous Waikiki thread

I was very pleased with the effect of this curl quilting and will be using this lots more.

My original plan was to quilt a ferny design in the tan, and literally changed my mind at the last minute.  I think this design was more appropriate for this one. 
Now, on to salsa!  My cherry tomato plants have been giving me more little tomatoes that I could eat, one at time, before they would start spoiling.  I’ve even been giving some away.  Why didn’t I think of using them for salsa before!?  Here is a quick & easy way to use up those cherry tomatoes in a hurry.  I used the the little food chopper thingy that came with my blender.
Throw in some ‘maters.
Throw in some cilantro, onion chunks, and jalapeno peppers.  I grew the peppers, too and they are hot. I do not seed my peppers, either, ’cause I like my salsa hot.  I just cut it into two or three chunks, so it chops up better. 
I put the lid on and hit the “pulse” button on my blender, quickly, two or three times, til I have this consistency.
I empty into a bowl and add some of this Creole Seasoning.
I’m pretty generous with it.
Squeeze in some lime juice.
Stir it all up.  Have a bite!  Be sure to have something close at hand, to put out the fire!
Yummm….think I’ll go have a bowl while I flip back and forth between watching the NASCAR race and the Ryder Cup.

14 thoughts on “Finished Quilting and Salsa Recipe

  1. Love the quilting and the Waikiki thread. Maybe I will get some salsa made too now that you’ve reminded me! Lots of little tomatoes here that I’m having a hard time keeping ahead of. Oh drat–I will have to run to the store for chips!


  2. Your dad is going to love that!!!! 😀 We’ve been doing the same thing with the cherry tomatoes… I just roast them first… but it takes a lot more spice because they are sweet… and I’d be passed out from that much pepper!!! ROTFL Hope the races were good!!!


  3. The curly quilting looks wonderful on your quilt. I’m sure your dad will love it. We make our own salsa all the time to so we can cope with food allergies in the family. It’s so easy and tastes way better than store bought.


  4. Oh my, that looks yummy! However, I’m a total woos when it comes to the fire factor. I’ll take it without the jalapenos, please!

    Love your quilt, too! Blue and white are so soothing together! The swirly pattern in the quilting suits it!


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