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Sunday Stash Report, 9-7-08

One yard in this week, 7 & 11/12 yds. out.  YTD : 84 in, 103 & 1/6 out, 19 1/6 yds total busted. 

I’ve had a busy week, but not so much quilting.  I did solve my border dilemma.  I purchased one yard of a gold fabric to use as an accent border or flange.  I searched my stash first, and did not have any that would match.  I was just a few inches shy of having enough of the green leftover to use it.  Wouldn’t ya know it?

I used a yard adding the first border to the darker 9P & stripe quilt.

I almost bought more than I needed, when buying the gold.  That’s just the sort of event to push me back off the wagon.  However, I found some resolve, and only bought just what I needed.  I calculated that my self control saved me at least $100.25.  I am going to start tracking this, and putting what I don’t spend in a savings.  A little incentive, besided having to be accountable here, is that I can put that money in the “fix up the kitchen” fund.  I am really wanting to do some remodeling in my kitchen. I need some new appliances, but I don’t want to change them til I can freshen up the cabinets, and change the countertop.  If I quit spending all my money on fabric, this project can take place sooner.  I can’t believe I’m showing y’all this, buy here is my kitchen.

I don’t want to change the floor or paint job.  I did the paint, and DH laid the floor, and I really like those two things.

I want a silestone counter in Kona Beige.  And I’m thinking that we might just paint the cabinets (or rather have them painted) in a dark brown.

Hopefully, sometime in the not so distant future, I will get to post “after pics”. 

I also got new hair again…this is the “autumn” color.  I always just let my stylist do what he wants.  We did darker highlights, and even some almost black “low lights”.  This is much closer to my natural color.

Enjoy the rest of the your weekend!