How about a Thursday Thumbs Up?

I love Kay’s Thursday Thumpers.  And in fact I have one for today.  Thump Countrywide Mortgage…or rather the criminal that was working there that stole thousands of customers personal information and sold it to a third party.  The FBI discovered this in August, and Countrywide sent out letters to thousands of mortgage customers this week informing them that their personal information may have been among those sold.  We got one of those letters….THUMP THUMP THUMP. 

But, on a positive note, I’d like to start another Thursday tradition.  Thursday Thumbs Up.  My intention is not to take the place of the Thursday Thumpers.  Sometimes ya just need to give something, or somebody a good thumpin’.  But sometimes, if you have had a positive experience, or found a new product or place that you really like or love, give it a Thursday Thumbs Up.  Today, I am giving my Thursday Thumbs Up to Ore Ida Steam & Mash taters (all flavors), and Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers (especially the super sweet corn in butter sauce).  Yummy and so convenient for those pressed for quality kitchen time, but would still like to be able to plop a tasty meal in front of their families, at the end of long work day.  Way to go, Ore Ida & Green Giant.

Also, thumbs up to those that made me smile with their comments to my previous post.  I enjoyed reading those, and am glad you got a giggle, too.

Tomorrow is TGIF!  Big thumbs up for that.

3 thoughts on “How about a Thursday Thumbs Up?

  1. I’m going to have to look for those products, thanks for the heads up about them.

    Looking for the positives—-makes life better in many ways. Have you read about A Complaint Free World 21 day challenge? I just received my bracelet(s) and I’m going to give it a go…… :o)


  2. Hi Randi, I have a Thumper and a Thumbs Up to share. First of all…a great, big, huge THUMP, THUMP, THUMP to those on Wall Street and in the financial realm that made tons of money and left the mess for the rest of us to clean up! Shame on them. Now for a more positive Thumbs Up…every Thursday you can go online to L.L.Bean and check out their Thursday morning markdown. They post one item that they have marked waaaay down in price. If you are unfamiliar with L.L.Bean it is an outdoor clothing and gear store with an awesome customer service reputation.

    Thanks for sharing your news about the food products, I’m gonna check them out. Have a great weekend!


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