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Borders, borders, borders…

I spent most of my Labor Day laboring away on borders.  First, I finished the commissioned memorial quilt top, by adding the borders to it.  Then, I decided it was time to work on a “me” project.  So, I got out my E. Burns 9P & Stripes tops.  I got the darker one trimmed and ready for the first border, and measured and washed the fabric for that.  Then I got busy on the lighter one.  I had already added the first inner border to it, and the next step was the pieced border.  Whew!  That was a job, but I enjoyed working on it today.  This top is getting big, so not a great pic of it, and ignore the lumps of laundry under it.  I’ve also labored on laundry today, in between sewing sessions.

I have a bit of a design dilemma.  I don’t have enough of the light fabric left to do the final border.  So, I was planning on using the red.  However, this will make the border 9P red squares on the edge, not show up as clearly.  I would use the green, but there won’t be enough of it left, either.  I guess I’ll just go with the red.  What do you think?

Now then, for Jan & Connie:

Sand Tarts

  • 1 lb. softened butter
  • 4 T. powdered sugar
  • 2 C. all purpose flour
  • 2 t. vanilla
  • 2 C. finely chopped pecans

Cream the butter, add in the powdered sugar, flour, vanilla, and nuts, in that order.  Shape the cookies however you want.  (My Mom always makes them kind of crescent shaped, so I do, too).  Bake at 350 for approximately 20 minutes.  You want them just starting to brown.  Roll the warm cookies in powdered sugar.


11 thoughts on “Borders, borders, borders…

  1. LOL Those are the cabana boy’s favorites! We just always do them in balls…. because that’s how the first person served them to us!! And they called them pecan puffs… I’ve also seen them called Mexican Wedding Cookies!! I like the crescents! Thanks!

    As for the borders… well… I can see your point on the light, but it would look strange to put an light in the last border that wasn’t present in the rest of the quilt, so I would probably just go with the red and figure out something in the quilting to make it pop and make it look like I did it on purpose all along 😉


  2. Ooohhhhh, I miss sand tarts. They don’t turn out without the pecans and I don’t know if they’re good enough to live with hives for.

    I like the red, btw, but a flange might give it the separation you need.


  3. You guys are so smart!! I love the idea of a flange…hopefully I will have enough of the green or light fabric left to make one of those. I’ve never done one before, and I think it would be perfect for this top.


  4. A flange before the red border sound like a great idea….but I may be the odd man out :-0 (like that’s anything new…) I keep looking at the first pic and wonder if it really need another border??? Just a thought. I sometimes find that sometimes a quilt really doesn’t need that last border.

    but that’s just me….;-)


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