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Just Us Quilters – Where did it go??

Ok, I know several of us signed up on the “Just Us Quilters” list, hosted by Nikki.  When I click the link to go visit the site, it says that blog has been removed, as has her other blog, Nikki’s Ventures.  Anyone know why or where it went?  Or if it’s coming back?  Just curious…it was a great list, and I enjoyed browsing the blogs on it.  If it’s not coming back, I want to take the link out of my sidebar.

5 thoughts on “Just Us Quilters – Where did it go??

  1. That’s weird. I liked going from blog to blog there too. Maybe she did what I did one time . . tried to update the blog and lost it all for a couple of months. Hope she comes back.


  2. I don’t know… I was wondering about that as well. I know it was still on on Sat, but had disappeared on Sunday. I had written Niki an email to ask, but so far, I hadn’t heard anything.


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