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Stash Busting Report, 8-24-08

I busted 4 & 1/3 yds this week.  I used four yard fleece on a fleece blanket, that I forgot to photo.  I used 1/3 yd. making binding for the storm at sea. 

YTD totals:

  • Incoming Yardage to date: 83
  • Outgoing Yardage to date:  92 & 3/4 yds.
  • Total Stash Busted to date: 9 & 3/4 yds.

It’s been a busy week.  I made a fleece blanket.  I quilted the customer wallhanging, and that took most of my spare time during the week, and yesterday.  Small quilt, but time consuming.  No pics yet, as it is my customer’s for a guild challenge. 

I loaded up the commissioned baby quilt (Chinese coins that I posted recently), and did one pass of a panto on it.  It’s looking good!  I also attached a hanging sleeve, and did the machine stitching of the binding to the front, on my storm at sea quilt. 

Corky, my longarm, got her “spa treatment”.  This involves removing the front cover piece and oiling several points in the front, oiling all the regular oiling points, loosening the covers that give me access to the gears, so that I could pack some more grease on them, and just giving her an allover cleaning.  I cleaned the table, table tracks, carriage tracks and wheels. 

I also attacked the huge mess that was in my closet, and cleaned out a big sack of clothes.  Woohoo…that’s like a weight off.  How does it get in such a shape? 

Seems like such a boring post without pics.  Glad you stopped by.  Hope you have a great week ahead!

8 thoughts on “Stash Busting Report, 8-24-08

  1. And when is YOUR spa date? Hmmmmm sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Manicure, pedicure, soak in jacuzzi, massage with warm oils, the hot stone treatment, someone (LIGHT) doing a walk on your back …….. yummy!

    Book it, Randi=O !



  2. Wow, Randi – you are so impressive in your productivity!! I wish I were half as good…

    How are you feeling overall? Heard any more from your doctor? I am still thinking about you on that front.


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