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I Have Been So Busy

It’s been a whole week since I last blogged.  But between day job work and the quilting work that has suddenly come in, I haven’t had time to blog.  I haven’t touched any of my personal projects since my last report. I finished quilting the interior of the quilt I previously blogged about, my friend’s quilt that was already hand quilted with SID.  I also finished frogging the one border I attempted to quilt.  My friend is so happy with the quilting, she has decided she will remove the binding, so I can quilt the borders.  I will take pics of it when it’s completely finished. 

I quilted this lap quilt yesterday, and have another almost identical to it, loaded up on the machine. This is one that was pieced by my customer’s 83 yr old father.  She is going to finish them up and give them as gifts, to other family members.  The quilts certainly have some “issues”, but the end result is pretty good.  I quilted it with Dave Hudson panto that has cowboy boots & hats, since Oklahoma State University is the “Cowboys”. 




I also started working on a commissioned full-size log cabin.  I began piecing those blocks today, while I’m watching the NASCAR race.  Then I have a queen panto, and a king custom job lined up.  So if you don’t hear much out of me for a little bit, that’s why. 

Oh, and since it’s my birthday today, my gift to me is that I’m skipping this week’s Sunday weigh in…lol.  Partly because in addition to all the eating on my annivesary, then birthday festivities, I found these at Walmart Friday.


I love regular Whoppers, but don’t eat them much, due to too much chocolate sometimes triggering a migraine for me.  These stawberry ones ain’t bad! I’m likin’ ’em! 

16 thoughts on “I Have Been So Busy

  1. Happy Birthday Randi!!!!!

    Yummm! Those Whoppers sound yummy! 🙂

    I like the design your chose for the quilting.

    Hope you have a wonderful day.


  2. Hope your day is fantastic!

    I never could stand the ‘malt’ in malted milk balls. I might have to try the strawberry to see if it’s different.

    Love the boots etc. panto. Very cute on that quilt.


  3. Happy Happy Birthday Randi!!! Sure sounds like it was a good one, what with all those Whoppers!! LOL

    And March 9 was my Gramma Betty’s birthday too, so I know it’s a great day!!


  4. Randi…Add me to the list of “Happy Birthday” wishers. May you have many more! The quilt looks great.


  5. WOW! You HAVE been busy!!! And, as usual, all your work is FABULOUS, darlin’!

    Congrats on the weight loss! Talented AND skinny? Show-off! 😉 😀


  6. Happy Birthday! Those strawberry whoppers look good! The panto looks great on that quilt – how great that this guy is piecing quilts even if there are a few challenges.


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