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Sunday Report

I’m still piecing my 9P & Stripe quilts.  Just the two bottom rows to add.  I am this far along on both of them:


If I manage to finish these two quilts this year, they will take a lot of yardage from my stash. 🙂

I got a call for another commissioned quilt this week.  It will be a graduation gift, so as soon as the fabric for that gets delivered to me, it will become priority one, as it needs to be finished before the end of May.  It won’t be my favorite colors to work on, as it’s for a boy headed to Oklahoma State University, so it’s black & orange.  This one will only be full size, so hopefully it won’t take me too long.  I enjoy doing the commissioned quilts, as usually these are for people, who while they appreciate quilts, don’t have any idea how to make one.  Therefore, when you are finished, and deliver the completed quilt, they are so thrilled.  That’s fun.  I like that.  I will do the standard simple log cabin, so I can get it done in time.  For those wondering, as I usually get some emails asking, for a simple pattern such as log cabin, or rail fence, I charge 7 cents per square inch, for the constuction of the quilt.  That does not include fabric, batting, or thread.  More complicated patterns, or more complicated custom quilting, would increase the price accordingly. 

This is the quilting in progress, of the customer quilt I mentioned yesterday.  The quilt was completely finished, with stitch in the ditch hand quilting.  After machine quilting another quilt for customer, she decided she would like me to try to add some quilting to this one.  I knew it would have some challenges, but except for problems with the borders, I think it’s coming along nicely. 




I’m concerned about some excess fabric in the back in a few spots, but so far it’s looking pretty good on the back, I think.


The only big problem I’m having is with the borders.  I may have to just leave them be, as there is too much excess fabric, as you can see on the right side of this pic. 


Since it is already bound, there is no where for the excess to go.  I already tried to lightly quilt one, and ended up with a big pucker.  So, I will be frogging that when I get done with the rest.  I will probably also leave the sashings alone.  After I get done, I will show it to my customer, and see if she wants to leave them, or remove the binding.  My customer happens to be the friend that brought the pics of mybaby to me week before last.  I think she’s really going to like what I have done, so far.

The weigh-in wasn’t so bad afterall.  I didn’t lose any, but I didn’t gain, either.  So for now, I’m holding steady at 144.  There are still cookies in the house, though!

I read my first issue of Quilter’s Home.  I really enjoyed it, and will be looking forward to the next issue.  No, I’m not just saying that because Mark said nice things about my quilting on that vintage top I posted previously.  😉   I really did like it! 

14 thoughts on “Sunday Report

  1. Your quilting looks really good on this ABQ (already been quilted!) project. Happy Belated Anniversary!


  2. Love those hand/machine quilt pics! I have done a couple of these and they have worked out great. Have you seen Anita Shackelford’s book A Modern Mix – Machine and Hand Quilting?


  3. I love the quilting you’ve added to the quilt. Maybe you could flip the quilt over & quilt the borders from the back working in the fullness?


  4. Woohoo on your weigh in. Even Steven is always good when you’ve lost some … then you can plateau for a week or two before you see more of it melting away. And see? A nice meal once in a while does not always mean ut-oh!!

    Love the wreaths on your already quilted quilt. And I think Nancy’s suggestion might just work. You can always give it a shot and then frog if needed. Maybe someone else who has tried it will chime in with a yes it will or no it won’t.

    Love, sammi


  5. Loved reading back in your blog. Potato chip cookies–yup–that’s a good name. And you take good pictures! Have you named your latest chicken–she is kinda pastel colored, and looks like she’s sitting on a nest of eggs. Has that ruffled up frumpy look.


  6. Happy belated anniversary, Randi! I like what you’ve done with the quilt. If I were her, I’d be removing the binding and letting you do your thing all the way to the edge.


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