Sunday Report

I got off to a good start on my cousin Carrie’s quilt today.  I got the four center blocks completed, and the other 32 blocks are started, with the first light and first dark rounds completed.  I am so honored and excited to be making this quilt for them.  I hope it comes out as good as I am envisioning. carrie1.jpg I added a new textbox in the sidebar so that I can post updates on my starry log cabin progress.  My goal is a minimum of one block a day.  There may be days where I am not able to do a block, therefore, I will need to make up those days on another day.  Please hold me accountable.  I know that I am leaving town tomorrow after work, to head to my parents.  DS & I have eye doctor appts. in Pampa on Tuesday, so we are going to spend the night with Mom & Dad on Monday night, as they live in Pampa :-).  Very convenient!  So, I made one extra today, trying to get ahead.  I hope to work on Mom’s binding a bit tonight, also.  Guess I better go!

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