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Two Blocks Shy…

I started cutting squares for baby Z’s quilt tonight. I somehow cut my piece of fabric one 10″ strip short of what it needed to be. Therefore, I am short two 10″ blocks to make up my home cut “layer cake”.  But, at least I have 40 of them cut. I will have to cut more off the yardage I purchased and get it washed and pressed before I can cut the last two.


On August 20th, the day after my last post, all normal routine came to an abrupt halt when it became clear that it was time to call in hospice care for my father. Some of you will remember that I have mentioned his struggle with Alzheimer’s here before. His battle is over. He passed peacefully just before 4 a.m. on Monday morning, August 22, 2016, laying beneath this quilt that I made him several years ago. It was one of his most treasured possessions. He was so proud of it. It seems surreal to have it back here in my home, where I presented it to him what does not feel like so very long ago. Soon, when I can collect my thoughts on this, and have ample time to devote to sitting down and writing it, there will be much longer, very personal post about our experience with this disease, and my dad’s death. For now, I leave you with a snippet of Daddy’s quilt. Goodnight.



3 thoughts on “Two Blocks Shy…

  1. ((( ❤ )))
    Both my parents have recently passed, and both had Alzheimer's, so I know how difficult it must be. I am sure you are having so many mixed feelings about your father's death ~ sadness, grief, anger, relief, so many more ~ it's OK.
    It will (eventually) get better.

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  2. So sorry to hear of your loss. I haven’t experienced loss to Alzheimer’s but Stroke (then downfall) and various cancers are prone in our family so the process of seeing them become more ill and the mix of feelings involved when they pass is very familiar.
    Take all the time you need to process!

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