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Crazy Week

This past few days have been hectic around here, ups and downs. The downs were related to my parents and my father’s progressing Alzheimer’s. They are an hour away from me and that is too far under the circumstances. Moving day to get them up here will be here soon. My little mom is so ready So are the rest of us. As soon as their new house is ready, the moving will begin! Lots of progress is being made.


My guest room is filling up with stuff for the wedding. Hobby lobby had wedding stuff 1/2 price. Yay! Lots of bows to be fluffed and pressed. Guest book, invitations, and various other items.


Little tea light candle holders were 1/2 price, as well. I got 100 of them!


I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to wedding planning, and honestly, ours is going to be a bit hodge-podgy, lol. The caterer has been hired, the photographer booked. Invitations arrived and will start mailing those this weekend. I ordered some Mexican papel picado banners and little flags for the reception, to bring in more of Efren’s culture. I hope they turn out right and get here on time. They look so cute on the website.

In between all this and my day job, too, I did make a couple more blocks for baby Chase’s quilt. I will stitch down the edges of the center “windows” after all the blocks are made. I think I will top stitch them by machine in matching thread rather than hand stitch.


I was going to make at least a couple more this evening, but my son just texted that Chase’s big brother, Caleb, wants to come over to Mammy’s house. Thus, I best get off here and get ready to play with a precious four year old boy! Later!

3 thoughts on “Crazy Week

  1. Wow! I’m exhausted just from reading about your doings! You have a lot on your plate, my friend. Blessings and prayers for your father and your family. My mother had Alzheimers, so I can tell you it’s a difficult disease to handle. You will learn patience and kindness, (even if you are already blessed with those virtues) and you’ll know heartache, but relish every moment you have with both parents and you will not know regret. I made a beautiful, color-filled quilt during the worst of mom’s illness so that I could have something to help fight the depression and heartache of watching her decline…it was such good therapy! You might want to try that (after the move and the wedding, of course).


  2. Be sure to enjoy each day! Preparations are fun, but can be exhausting, sounds like you are doing great. Dealing with your dad will be a one day at a time thing. Be sure to care for yourself too. The wedding will be lovely!


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