Weekend Winding Down

And, so am I. I was really wanting to try out a little sewing project I saw on another quilty blog, but I just ran out of weekend. I have made progress on the binding stitching of my grandson’s quilt, but a good bit of my weekend was eaten up by wedding planning. 62 days til “the big day”. Sometimes, it feels so surreal to me that I am getting married again. I’m looking forward to embarking on this new path, with Efren. A new and exciting chapter in the story of my life. The cake has been planned and ordered. It’s being made by a dear friend and I know it’s going to be yummy!! I’m so looking forward to having my cake and eating it, too! I’m really watching my sweets til the wedding, so that cake is sounding really good, haha! I’ve ordered outfits for my grandson and my step-granddaughter from my marriage to Greg. Another dear friend came yesterday to help me plan out decorations, etc. She is making mailing labels for the invitations. I don’t know what I would do without her! We finalized the time of the wedding with the pastor this morning. Still a lot to do, but closer than I was on Friday. I have to pick out my shoes, a photographer, have my dress fitting, pick the caterer. Wish me luck getting it all pulled together in time! My poor sewing machine is going to have to wait a bit longer.

Oh…Miss Bella says hi. 🙂


And, I say goodnight! Have a great Monday tomorrow, y’all!

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