2015 Off to a Blazing Start

Literally. As in my son sent me a photo of his face yesterday with the text “this hurts”.


He had first degree burns on his face after an incident at work (oilfield), in which his head was engulfed in a blast of fire from a pipe. Even after taking the usual precautions, the thing you take precautions against still sometimes happens. Lost a portion of eyebrows, eyelashes and had to shave his beard and mustache, as they were badly singed. At first, he thought he was blinded, as his lashes literally stuck his eyelids together. Poor guy. But, lucky in that this could have been soooo much worse. His wife and I are both into the essential oils, and we decided lavender would be good to try as we’ve had luck with it on sunburns and a cooking burn on my hand. It stopped the burning pain immediately. Today, he sent me a new pic, said it feels really dry and tight, and a little sore. You can really see where his stocking cap sat. It protected his hair.


Even though we knew he was alright by the time I even found out about it, the mommy in me still had to cry a little. While breathing a sigh of relief that it wasn’t worse. His eyes are perfectly fine, just a little more naked than before. He had long, beautiful lashes. I believe they will grow back as they were.

Today, I’m sitting in the airport waiting, with Efren and Christian, for Christian’s return flight home to depart. We were to bring him tomorrow evening, but ice and snow is on the way, and not only will flights probably be canceled tomorrow, but we have a two hour drive to get to the airport and then back home. We did not want to chance it, and as much as we hated to send him home a day early, I was thankful there was a flight available today. We should make it back home before the weather gets too bad this evening. I do not like traveling in ice and snow.

One good thing about the weather is that it’s great for staying home and working on something quilty! Maybe I will get to do just that tomorrow!

I want to thank you for all the sweet comments on my recent posts. So good to hear from some of my old blogging buddies again. I try to reply or at least hit the like button, but I don’t know if it notifies the poster of the reply?? It doesn’t seem that user friendly when I’m posting from my phone, and yesterday I was even posting replies to the wrong commenters’ comments. Ugh. Oh well. Please know that I do read and appreciate all of your comments! Wishing you all a happy and blessed 2015!

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