Day: October 4, 2012

Big Behemoth Quilt Update

I love my Circle Lord. I love feathers. I love it when a plan comes together. 😀

(Margo, guess I’m doing feathers instead of the leaves I originally planned.)

Here is a little snippet of some filler I going to use in some of the tan sections. I only did this one bit before going on to finish the ditch work and start the feathered star medallions. I just had to see if I liked the idea I had for it. I was trying to do something that would mimic the print in the darker tan fabric.

I’m going to be headed off to a work conference in Galveston for a few days, so I won’t get to work on it anymore for about a week. 😦  I’m going to miss it while I’m gone! Gosh, it feels good to be enjoying my quilting again! I just wish I could yell to Greg, “hey honey! Come see this!” And then, I would hear him say “Cool!!”

It’s not perfect (not that my quilting ever is, lol) but, considering I haven’t done this kind of work in probably close to two years now, I’m pretty happy with it. Also, the lighting in my quilting room sucks, making it hard to see where I’m going or where I’ve been sometimes. I need to find a solution to that problem.

Have a great weekend, y’all!