Sunday Stitch Report

Going back to regularly scheduled programming, I did get my “homework” done for next guild meeting.  If you just started reading, our challenge project this year is to do a BOM of your own choice.  I’m making the Fons and Porter Patriotic Sampler as mine.  To get it finished in the allotted time frame, most months I have to do more than one block.  This month, I did the large eagle block, and the star/vine applique block.  I was also able to start attaching some of the blocks to each other.

I deviated from the original pattern, twice on this row.  The original pattern calls for the eagle to be blue.  I wanted my eagle to be brown.  Also, the flag beside the eagle block is not like I sewed mine.  The original pattern has the star in the upper left corner, next to the eagle block.  That seemed “backwards” to me and my husband, so I flipped it for mine, and put it the way it would be if it were hanging down from a little flag pole.

I am not very proficient at the the machine satin stitching, or blanket stitching.  They could both be better.  But, the only way to get better is to do more of it.  I would like to take a class somewhere, someday…in the meantime, it is what it is.  Not great, but I’m ok with it.

It’s been an up and down last few days for Greg and me.  We just need to get this scary stupid brain tumor episode behind us.  Your logical self tells you it will all be ok, but the emotional part of you…well, that’s a whole ‘nuther story.  I must admit, it’s quite unsettling.  I want to thank everyone for their kind comments on my previous post, and the prayers and well wishes.  It means a lot to me and to Greg.

I want to share a blessing I received at the guild Christmas party.  Remember Sana’s quilt? I took it to her at guild, and she handed me a Christmas present to hang in my quilting room.  How cute, and how perfect for my quilting room.  Little sheep, and I love wool batting.  I hung it where I can see it often when I’m quilting.  Thank you, Sana…I love it! It makes me smile when I see it.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Stitch Report

  1. Randi your quilt is looking great. I know what you are saying about the brain tumor. We have been dealing with Lynn’s benign brain tumor since 2007. His is slow growing and not life threatening but causes some terrible symptoms. The way we were told is it shouldn’t be long now before they will have to do surgery because it has caused some facial nerve damage. We sure hope so. Still keeping you nad your family in my prayers.


  2. How those blocks bring back good memories! I watched their construction on the TV series years ago – my entire DAY/WEEK was planned around watching those blocks develop. I never made the entire sampler like you did – I made separate blocks – yours looks so inviting – I’m glad to be reminded. Thanks for the photos and pleasures.


  3. It looks great Randi! I have the same pattern – I’ve had the kit maybe 8-9 years? (yes, it’s embarrassing!). Still love it – seeing yours maybe I’ll drag mine out again and get to work! Hugs to you and your family, Cindye


  4. I want to make that same quilt this year. I have had the book for years, but am just now getting ready to make it. I agree with you and your husband about the flag and the eagle. I was planning on making some changes to my rendition too.
    I hope all is well with you and your family. I think of your mom and husband often and pray for the family for strength.


  5. I just learned about Greg. You will all be in my prayers. I know God never gives us more than we can handle but sometimes we wonder. I was unaware of your website but plan to check it from time to time. May God give you all the strength to handle each day as it comes. In Christ’s love. Nelle


  6. We have been praying for you and Greg. He visited with me when he came and installed windows for us. I knew he wasn’t feeling up to par, but had no idea what he had. He was concerned about Bob. I am amazed that you can deal with such a complicated puzzle of a quilt during all this. Your quilting on our guild quilt was so great. I know you are anxious about returning to work, but need to. All I can say, in troubled times, leaning on God is about all we have that feels secure and then we don’t understand. Randi, God knows of your and Greg’s needs. He provides his care for you. Words are not enough for me to express to you our love and our continued praying for His will in your lives. May you find strength to endure the many tests, travels to Amarillo, waiting rooms and time, and the quiet fearful moments we all have. Call me if you need to just give me a new request. Any time of the day. I don’t sleep well and I will probably be up. It would be a priviledge to lift your names in prayer. We love you in God’s love. Alta Williams


  7. Randi, Bruce and I have been lifting you and Greg up in our prayers. We are trusting that God will provide all your needs and desires regarding Greg’s complete healing. I know this waiting period is stressful, especially since Greg is dealing with the symptoms of the tumor as well as anxiety. I love the three scriptures you’ve posted on your site. Ingrain them in your mind and soul at this time–and trust in the TRUTH of God’s Word.

    What a neat website you have!



  8. Randi
    I am so sorry you and your family are having to go through this. You have had way more than your fair share this year. I was just stopping by your blog to see how your mom was progressing when I read about your husband. You have my sincere best wishes for your family to pull through this and be even stronger in 2011.
    Your quilt is looking really great, nice to see progress. All my best 🙂 I would send you a hug if I knew how, take care,


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