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Caterpillar Cocoon Watch-Post 3

Just as I expected, the one on the axe handle was in chrysalis stage by the time I got up this morning.  I had read that some will be green, some will be brown.  Well, the one on the trash can is green, the one on the axe handle is brown.  Now, we will just wait for the butterflies to emerge.  Hopefully, I won’t miss it.  (just a reminder: you can click on each photo, then click it again, to supersize it, and really see the details)

5 thoughts on “Caterpillar Cocoon Watch-Post 3

  1. Dang! I was going to ask you why you were going to bed instead of keeping watch on the ax handle ?! Oh well, we shall all happily await the “birth” of the butterflies. WooHoo!


  2. I’m assuming the color variation has to do with camouflage. I’ve seen the caterpillars turn; the chrysalis is already inside and formed, then the caterpillar skin splits and peels off quickly.
    Thanks for all the pics, Randi. Next best thing to having them in my own yard!


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